Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Springing into spring

Today we made a start on the spring cleaning. I am so over the clutter but things are at the point where I felt lost and didn't know where to start. Well today I bit the bullet and decided new season new frame of mind. Must say though the lads aren't so keen!

First stop their bedrooms. The other day I read something that suggested one of the best ways to go about decluttering was to pick a number and sort/declutter that many items each day until you were done. The article used the number 10 but I think that might take me a really long time to get it sorted. So today's target was 10 items in the recycling, 10 in the rubbish bin and 10 in a pile for charity. We have friends going to Bali this weekend so that is our current charity. To the boys that seemed like a huge task. Especially the bit about giving things away. Mr8 usually passes his things he has out grown down to his brother and Mr6 does not see why he has to give things away when Mr8 gets to keep them in the house. I've tried to explain this many times to no avail.

Still that said we successfully decluttered quite a bit of stuff. There was a very large pile of recycling from Mr8's bedroom as he has an amazing ability to collect pieces of paper. Lots of "junk" from Mr6's bedroom (lol and more to go when he goes to his fathers this weekend!) and they both successfully managed to donate 10+ items to charity. I also sorted through Mr6's drawers for outgrown clothing we won't keep and added that to the pile. Not surprisingly not a single pair of pants as everything like that has holes in the knees!

So that's a jolly good start I think. Oh and I also decluttered our desk. Figured I was being a bit of a hypocrite if I made the lads declutter and stayed messy myself. So the desk is much tidier too. Tomorrow I am thinking I need to hit my drawers and wardrobe. I have many items of clothing that would benefit from being passed on to a new home and it's time to be brave and take the big leap.

All this decluttering is our first step to leading a more simple life. Less stuff, less clutter, less stress. I'm looking forward to having less!