Friday, August 27, 2010

4 down 2 to go

Yay today my next two raised gardens were built bringing my total to four. I've had to wait a while for these as I was slack about committing to getting the work done and then had to wait until my handyman had time to squeeze me in. Finally today was the big day and one huge part of the yard has been transformed.

The last garden and the lads new sandpit will need to wait a while - about 2-4 more weeks but that's all good. I can now get to work and do the next stage of my job - moving some soil from the next gardens spot to where the vege garden used to be so I can level that off and sow some grass seed. It's a simple job but pretty physical at the same time. Should help with getting in shape again for the summer though :O)

So tomorrows job - weather permitting - is to sow more seeds. I'm really paying attention to making sure I am sowing seed weekly/fortnightly to ensure we get a constant crop over summer so hopefully we will have some success in this area.

Other than that tomorrow will be a nice, quiet, cheap home day. I haven't had any no spend stickers for two days in a row now and am determined to get one tomorrow. If we leave the house we will need petrol though so that's another incentive to stay home.

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