Saturday, August 14, 2010

Date night for Mr8

Tonight it is Mr8's night for date night with my parents. He left early - about 2pm and nana wanted to do a spot of shopping on the way home. Then he decided it was his turn for a spot of shopping and took nana to Noel Leemings where he proceeded to try and con her into buying him a mini laptop. Luckily she had the sense to say no.

He's now back home after choosing to go to Denny's for dinner where his order was pasta of the day and curly fries. On the way home they stopped for an iceblock at the dairy - very sensible option for a cheap dessert.

Mr6 and I had homemade fish n chips. Mr8 does not like fish and makes a huge song and dance about the smell of it so we don't often have it when he is about. Mr6 and I really enjoyed our meal.

Tomorrow Mr6 and I are heading out for breakfast. His choice of date venue is McDonalds! Gross so I will have a hot chocolate and some toast here first and then just order a hot chocolate for me when we are there.

Also tomorrow it's grocery day. Once a month I get a big shop followed by 3 weeks of smaller shops for fresh fruit and veges. This week I really wanted to head out by myself but the boys really enjoy doing the big shop as they each get to choose something for lunch box treats. I tried suggesting they tell me what they wanted and I would get it but apparently that is not the same so we will all go tomorrow.

Target spend is $200 as that is what it takes to get a 20 cent petrol coupon. So I will be keeping track of the tally as I go around trying to ensure I go as little over $200 as possible. And I must remember that at the moment I am trying to empty out my chest freezer so I can remember what is at the bottom of it. Anything that looks dodgy or freezer burnt will be defrosted and fed to the chickens to ensure there is no waste. I'm sure they will appreciate tomorrow's meal of freezer burnt sasuage casserole more than the lads and I will. It will be hard to only buy frozen goods as I need them though as I am so used to having a stock up so that the freezer is always full. I wonder if I will get home and find I got stuff out of habit rather than necessity. Lol must remember to take the list. I'll let you know how I get on.

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