Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love flybuys

I love flybuys. I don't go out of my way to shop somewhere that gives me points if I can get a better deal elsewhere but my local supermarket happens to be a New World, my homeloan has flybuys points benefits, same for my insurances and a few other bits and pieces. Add to that the occasional purchase I make and I have done quite well out of flybuys.

Currently I am saving our points to pay for a two day Dream World/ White Water World ticket for us all on our holiday next year. I have 1756 points so have 126 points to spare.

Tonight I used Mum's omelet maker for the first time and I must say WOW. And we have our own eggs so super cheap too. So off to the flybuys website I head and you can get one for 295 points. I was trying to calculate if I would earn enough points between now and the beginning of next year so we could still get our theme park tickets when Mum texted me and said she would use her points to get another one. So I have done that and then next year when she wants something for the same/similar amount of points I will cash in my points for her. That way I can be sure I will have enough for the theme park tickets and get the omelet maker now. Full price these retail at $79.90 so using the points is a pretty good deal.

Other ways I saved money today include heading to the supermarket early - straight after dropping the lads at school. I managed to get meat marked down about 40% which is something I never manage to do. I dried the washing on the line - 2 loads, switched the heat pump off all day and back on now with the washing under it on the airer, tended to the seedlings we are growing making sure they have enough water and also watered the fruit trees. These are things I do routinely but all add up to save our pennies - every little bit counts!

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