Monday, August 16, 2010

Houston we have a problem

Ok so we have a problem in this house. That said it is a problem of the good variety :O) I now officially have more customers than eggs - and that's without even making any effort to sell them. I currently have 11 eggs in a carton on the bench but orders for 3 dozen plus anything we need for ourselves.

Now it was always my intention to sell the surplus eggs but I really thought it would take a little effort on our behalf. Seems people are really keen to get their eggs at a good price and from chickens they know have good living conditions.

So now we have to decide if we should get some more chickens in the next couple of weeks. Originally our plan was to have 6 and see if I could manage (lol seeing as I was terrified of chickens) and then to get 6 more after our Queensland holiday in March. The coup is plenty big enough for 12 and the run is technically the size specified as free range for 12 chickens so we have the space. When we do get more though I will increase the size of the run for when they are locked in it all day.

There are plenty of advantages to getting the girls sooner - all $ related. I've worked out it costs about 50 cents a day to feed 6 chickens + my scraps from the kitchen. So they are really cheap to keep and well and truly earn their food. Also the boys earn $1 each from each dozen we sell. They are saving this money for the Queensland holiday. The more they save the less I need to spend on them. And of course this saving will continue long after our holiday.

The only disadvantage I can see is when we are away. Our neighbour has already agreed to look after the girls while we are away but I am wondering is it rude to ask her to look after 12 instead of 6? She will be given as many eggs as she wants and have free reign to the vege garden while we are gone so that will be our way of saying thank you. I'm not sure there is any difference between looking after 6 or 12. Will talk to her in the next day or two and see if she agrees.

I'm quite excited at the thought of more girls. Odd considering how afraid of them I was to begin with. And at the same time I get to provide friends and family with cheap free range eggs - eggs they know come from chickens that are truly "free range".

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