Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ah the things we do to save money!

Ouch ouch and ouch again! I am sore and achey and am fairly certain I will seize up and die when I get to bed.

I have decided I have no need to head to the dump with my large pile of green waste. I have my own green waste bin provided in my rates, access to the work 1 + the business next doors 1 and also more often than not my parents 1. So rather than borrow a trailer from a friend and head to the dump I am slowly but surely chopping my branches and trees into smaller pieces that will efficiently fill the bins. Today was originally supposed to be lousy weather and I had written off the garden work wise. Then today arrived dry and at many times sunny and warm. I cannot let those types of days go by now (which is so totally not me) so out came the gloves and the hand saw and off to work I got. I think that since I made the decision not to go to the dump a couple of weeks ago I have managed to halve my pile and develop several new muscle groups. But it's with a big smile of satisfaction that I can say we have tidied it enough that it no longer spills out onto the back lawn. A few more weeks of chopping and breaking and we should have it gone.

Now the savings on this will not be huge but it will be about $20 in dumping fees and petrol to get to and from the dump. That's money better off in my pocket than somebody elses.

And while we were out today we stopped and got a couple of bales of pea straw from the landscape supply store we use. Kindly the man only charged us for the 1 bale saving me $8. I did spend $10 unplanned on seeds though so it all evened out - well almost. I have decided pea straw is the most cost effective way to mulch the spaces between the raised gardens. 2 $8 bales covered up 2 pathways and also I mulched the berry patch which took at least half a bale. And while it might not be the most beautiful way to landscape compared to pretty stones or fancy bark nuggets it does suit the look of my back yard and the mulch value will be fantastic come summer.

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