Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holiday saving

Today the boys holiday savings has had a huge boost. Being Friday it's pocket money day which means they add 50 cents to their Australia pigs and on top of that they had their share of this weeks eggs sales. Today they each had $2.50 worth of egg money and $1 each from putting stickers on bases for me at work. I was very proud when they both popped all that in their pigs rather than their spending. All they need is another $85 to cover the rental car which is their contribution to the holiday and then they will be saving spending money from that total until holiday time. They will each colour in additional bricks on the savings thermometer and will no doubt do their little "happy dance" as they realise they are getting closer to the top.

My holiday savings are coming along slowly but surely and I am well on track for Feb 26th. So far I have almost $3000 saved which has covered airfares, accomodation and some of our spending money. Not bad considering my main savings goal is the mortgage.

And the mortgage is only days away from going under $150k which is very exciting. You could say I am obsessed with this and at the moment even more so than usual. This goal represents a huge amount of progress for me - and I cannot wait!

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