Saturday, August 21, 2010

Could it be spring?

Today the sunshine broke thru the clouds and gave us a beautiful day. The neighbourhood was filled with noises of lawn mowers humming, washing lines everywhere filled with laundry, people out for walks and generally a great mood uplifting day.

I had planned a totally lazy day but even I cannot be that slack on the rare winters day that spills with sunshine so out to the garden I went (after a jolly pleasant sleep in and an hour reading in bed). Managed to chop up more green waste for the work bins and filled my bin as well. The chickens were allowed the whole day out of their run and spent their time pecking and exploring in the back yard.

Mentally I planned out how things will look and where things will go when the two new raised gardens are built this coming week. I cannot wait to get started on them. Hopefully they will be done tomorrow or Tuesday weather permitting or else they have to wait another week. I really want them done this week as it's my week to have Friday off work and if the weather obliges I plan on getting compost on Thursday afternoon. I want to get half of it unloaded on Thursday afternoon even if it means fish n chips for dinner and then there will be less to do on Friday morning.

Mr8 has been happily planting seeds to transplant when they have grown enough and I have been busy reading about which plants to sow when and what grows well next to what. Between the two of us we are mucking along quite nicely and I am taking notes of what we are doing and when so at the end of the growing season we can look back and figure out what worked well and what might need some changes.

And on the money saving front there is a new blue star on my calendar under today's date. A blue star means I have spent no money at all today - it's blue because that's my favourite colour. Days with a gold star are the ones where any spending has been essential only. No star means unnecessary spending :(

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