Saturday, August 14, 2010

The big shop

Today was the big shop for this month. Budget was $200 - just over ok as you had to spend $200 to get the 25 cent petrol coupon.

So armed with a list that not only said what I needed but also had an estimate of the cost we headed to Pak n Save. As each item went in the trolley it was rounded either up or down to the nearest dollar in the hope of things evening out at the checkout. By the end of the last aisle in my calculations I had about $8 left that I needed to spend. Tossed in a packet of razor blades and figured that would take me to about $8 over. Pretty good guess it turns out because I was only $10 over. Funny but it feels good to be so close to the amount - sort of like I have achieved something.

Also today I brought seed potatoes, another blueberry bush (in the hope that my existing one will start to fruit) and a few other bits and pieces. Bush is planted so will be interesting to see if we get many berries this season.

Finally this week my handyman is supposed to be coming to build the next 2 raised gardens. Weather permitting of course so keep your fingers crossed. Then it will be time for more compost and some hard work. Can't wait until things start producing and then the hard work will be worth it. One thing I will have to do to enable things to grow properly is work out some sort of plan to keep the chickens out of the vege beds. We have planted celery, spinach and silverbeet - the last 2 for them only but they seem to prefer fresh growth to waiting for things to fully mature. I got more chicken wire today so will sort that out when the last gardens are built. Hopefully that should do the trick.

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