Saturday, August 21, 2010

It wasn't much but

My house is empty and when the lads aren't here it doesn't feel quite as much like home. Don't get me wrong the peace and quiet is a very pleasant change of pace but the silence like this at bedtime is something I have never gotten used to.

It's funny how I crave for the silence and then when I get it it feels wrong. Knowing I will get a good nights sleep however never feels wrong.

I had a busy morning at work this morning and managed to achieve quite a lot which should put me in a good place for the coming week. This afternoon the lads and I wandered down to the supermarket to get our groceries. Lol only needed to take one reusable shopping bag as there was very little on the list.

Broccoli, bananas, another type of fruit and bread was all we had to get to see us through the week after last weeks big shop. The bread however was our little treat and boy did we enjoy it. I could hardly contain the lads from racing off to the bakery department to see what the taste samples were. 2 of the specialty breads to choose from - garlic and pizza. We all voted for the pizza sample and it was fantastic. Would you believe it - if we waited about 5-10 minutes they would have more straight from the oven and we could purchase one of those. We love getting one of these freshly baked loaves as our weekend lunch treat. At $3.99 a loaf they are certainly not cheap but boy are they worth every cent and this loaf was no exception.

In fact if anything it was better than any loaf we have had as it was so hot and fresh I could hardly hold the paper bag. Quickly we raced off to the checkout and out the doors. Lol we hadn't even made it out to the car park before we were devouring the bread. Boys were on their scooters but they weren't going to let that stop them from enjoying something so yummy. So they managed to scoot one handed and eat with their free hand. By the time we got home all we had left was one tiny piece each and big grins about how fast we had scoffed that loaf.

So while it was only a loaf of bread, something many take for granted for us that loaf symbolised a week of a job well done and a fantastic reward for budgeting so well. I love it when it is the little things in life that are the best :)

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