Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday

Man today was crazy.

Shortly before I finished work I had a text from a girl friend asking me if I could please take her girls home as it's freeeeeeeezing today and she didn't want to take bubs out in the cold. So I offered to keep the girls until 5. If I pick them up and take them straight home on a day when we have no after school activities all the kids complain about no playtime.

So I sorted out the play date first so I wouldn't have to listen to the moaning and groaning. Instead I got lots of yippees! Much more pleasant me thinks.

And being so cold I thought inside was best but they were itching for some fresh air. So after a quick afternoon tea of fruit and my baking from yesterday they took some chalk and drew murals on the front doorsteps. The only dry part we could find and it was also out of the wind so it wasn't too bad. It's amazing how much children crave fresh air.

The chooks were craving fresh air today too and were very impressed when they were let out of their run to free range around the back yard. I must say that chickens are very efficient little creatures when it comes to digging around and turning over the soil.

Dinner was Sophie Grays (Destitute Gourmet) herb chicken cobbler using leftover chicken. It's really popular in this house - would be rated in our top 10 meals. And what I love about it is if I am missing mushrooms and kumara like I was tonight you can just use normal potato and mixed veges and it still tastes great. And there is enough for me to have another dinner out of it tomorrow night stretching that roast chicken for another meal. The rest of the left over meat I will freeze for chicken and rice or chicken and pasta later in the week.

Lastly we had St Johns. It was my first night as a penguin leader and I was expecting to have the lady who is leaving there to help me. Ah no. And for various reasons a lot of the other leaders were missing leaving just me and the guy who runs the whole division. Luckily he was prepared and had called in a couple of helpers from different divisions and we just joined my Penguins with the bigger kids for the night.

So it's race home and shower the lads and update the blog before the Mentalist starts in about 3 more minutes!

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