Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today was our best day yet for eggs. We got 4! Up until today we have only had 2 layers. This morning however when Mr6 opened the lid to the nesting boxes there was an egg in one and one of the girls in the other. He got such a fright it was really funny. So I suspected when we left the house that we had 3 layers and by the time we got home I was proven right. Number 4 egg I suspect was one we didn't notice the other day as it was in a hard to reach spot so I'm not sure if it's 3 or 4 of the girls doing their jobs properly. Either way it's an improvement on only 2 layers.

So sounds like production might be getting to the stage we can start selling and making back some of the set up costs. I'm wanting to cover the cost of the girls and the mash - anything else is "plant" that will be kept for years. The boys will each get $1/dozen sold - currently their main savings goal is our Australia trip and after selling the first surplus dozen to my Mum they both deposited their $1 into their holiday pigs. They are getting quite close to their savings goal of $500 for a rental car and then they will move on to their own spending money.

The boys have been eagerly doing their jobs of feeding and watering the girls. They are also responsible for letting them out into the run in the morning and back into the coup at night. And when we let them out of the run the boys keep an eye on them making sure they stay in the back yard and also that they don't eat the vege seedlings or the berry plants from the berry patch. When the boys are not home I do not let them out of the run. It's hard enough for me to get them back into the coup just from the enclosure. Tuesday nights that's my responsibility. Lol last night I must have looked as though I was playing soccer with glass balls. I really really don't want to touch them so have to carefully nudge them into the coup. It must look so classic!

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