Thursday, August 12, 2010

After school fun

One of the things I really love about having children would have to be when they have friends over to play and the sounds of joy and laughter fill the house.

Today I went to school to pick up my 2 and instead came home with 4. Mr8 had one of the girls from his class over and I figured it would be a lot easier for Mr6 to bring someone home as well so he raced back and invited a friend too.

Mr8 and his friend spent their time trading rocks, crystals and shells and then they worked together to bake cupcakes for us to munch on. Actually us is a very generous term - before I could blink the 4 kids had polished most of them off and there were hardly any left to share with their families. And me, well I couldn't tell you what they tasted like as there were only enough left in this house for tomorrows lunch boxes. No doubt Mr8 will be baking those again.

Mr6 and his friend spent the time playing and making lots of noise outdoors. When we got home there were 3 eggs to collect and the visitor was amazed at the warm egg. I knew it had been laid within the last 30 minutes or so and was as fresh as it gets. When he got picked up he was very excited telling his dad why the egg was so warm. And the 2 lads spent the outside time with the chickens playing amongst them which was lovely to see.

Me well I caught up on folding the mountain of washing that we seem to create as well as preparing dinner and doing a few other small bits and pieces. Mostly though I just stood around listening to all the laughter. There is no better sound for a mother than your children having fun.

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