Friday, August 6, 2010

The girls best day

Wow today we got 6 eggs which means every one of the girls is finally laying! The boys found that super exciting and I'd have to admit that I did too. And 4 of them even laid in the nesting box - the other 2 are unsure about where they are supposed to put their eggs.

So we have managed to sell another dozen for Monday and if we have enough another dozen on Wednesday. That's really exciting especially for the boys as they are responsible for feeding, watering and caring for the girls so they will be getting pocket money for their efforts.

And tonight we had omlette for dinner. Mr6 only eats the white part of the eggs so I got him spaghetti and toast but made him try a mouthful. Lol made sure it was a piece loaded with cheese and tomato sauce and he said it was great and next time he wants that too. Virtually free dinners which is awesome for our budget.

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