Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oops. I got home from work today and the front gates were shut. Now that was not a good sign because we never shut the gates unless there are lots of kids about - and even less so now they are all of an age they know not to head out to the road.

With apprehension I stopped and opened them knowing it could mean only one thing. Yes you guessed it the girls had gotten out of their enclosure. Well two of them had anyway. Looks as though they found a spot to dig under the netting and off they went. Little buggers. One I found very close to the enclosure almost as though she really wanted to get back in with her friends and then I realised I was still one short. Oh no what will I tell the lads is what I thought. So off I set firstly around the yard in the hope the missing chicken was located. If she wasn't there well I wasn't sure what I would do next. Luckily she was happily exploring in the front yard - somewhere she had never been before. And totally oblivious to any concern I may have had about her safety. I will have to send the lads on an egg hunt tomorrow after school - I have a suspicion I should have had at least one more egg today! And I have blocked off the escape route for next time!

So saved ourselves $20 by locating the missing chicken and that's not the only saving I made today. This morning I had an appointment for Mr8 at the doctors for an infected cut. Luckily the doctor thinks we will likely get away with an antibiotic cream otherwise it will be full on antibiotics. That's something we try to avoid in this house - I can count on one hand how many times the boys have had antibiotics in their lifetimes. Something I am quite proud of. While at the doctor I also got scripts for Mr6 and myself meaning I didn't need to waste the doctors time with silly time consuming appointments. Even if I had only ordered the scripts that would have cost me $28. And to top that off the doctor only charged me as if Mr8 was under 6 - $10 for an appointment saving me another almost $30. So all up great savings in this house today.

We've also sold another 2 dozen of our eggs which is cool. The lads will really love getting their "pay" for taking care of the girls and I'll have more money in their food tin towards their next bag of mash.

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