Sunday, August 1, 2010

Definately different from how I planned

I will confess to being a planner. And if you had asked me on Friday what my plans were for today I would have said "nice quiet day at home". Well that was definately different from what we had.

The day started with a wonderful breakfast out with Mr8. I get very little one on one time with either of the lads so this is a real treat for us. We went to a cafe close to my work and each ordered a mini homestyle breakfast. Toast, bacon, egg, hashbrown, sasuage and half a tomato each. The wee guy had a berry fruit smoothie and seeing as I had just had a hot chocolate at home I just had a water. $22.50 and well worth every cent to have the special one on one time. Will do this again with Mr6 in a couple of weeks.

Mr8 and I then popped to The Warehouse to look at cellphones seeing as they had a sale on. Got a bottom of the line one and a connection pack for under $100 and that includes $20 of prepaid credit. And I compromised and got a boring black phone so it can be passed along to Mr8 in the future. I wanted a pink one but thought he might protest about that a couple of years down the line.

Then it was off to Clip and Climb as chosen by Mr6. His reward for being brave and staying by himself all night at Nana and Grandads. Clip and Climb is a cool wall climbing facility designed especially for children and novice climbers. Another full on hour of fun for all. I was amazed to see the improvement in Mr6's confidence. He now has several walls he can climb to the top and he did the leap of faith as well. Basically you climb up higher than the height of a power pole, stand on the top of it and take a leap reaching for the bar. Mr6 has never ever done this before and I was very surprised when he said he wanted to. He climbed all the way to the top and the minute he looked down he burst into tears. The lady climbed up and helped him to stand up and then jump. When he got to the bottom he asked for another go. Up to the top again and quick look down then he took the last step and jumped without any assistance. Man I was so proud of him.

After that it was a quick trip into town to swap a sweatshirt Mum had brought for him that had the most hideous hoodie I have ever seen. The store was fantastic about it and no problems at all to swap for something that fitted and looked better.

So by now it was almost 2pm and we still hadn't stopped for lunch. I really wanted to avoid buying lunch out so we headed for home.

That however was not meant to be. On our way we passed an appliance store advertising 14c digital photos and I remembered Mr6 needed us to print off the photos of the class teddy at our house before he went back to school tomorrow. I don't normally bow so easily to peer pressure but can you imagine being the only kid in the class whose Mum didn't print out your photos? So we called in and quickly got them printed off plus a couple of the changes in the back yard. Grand total of $2.20 spent. And one very very happy child. He got home and added them to the book of Alvins adventures and wrote his story.

Then finally about 2.30 we got home. Definately not how I had the day planned out in my head but very enjoyable all the same. Even managed to do some baking, sow some seeds (in the glasshouse MC) and let the girls out to peck their way around the back yard. Shattered now and still lots of reading to do but what a great day.

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