Saturday, August 28, 2010

The baking tins are full

Well it's been a baking day today and there was so much baked we had plenty to share.

My friend dropped over his girls this morning to give his wife a break They have 3 children, the eldest with special needs and the youngest not yet 1. He's been working 7 days a week including being at my house yesterday afternoon building the gardens and they are due to shift house next weekend. On top of that the oldest has been off school for most of the last 2 weeks with a cold and respiritory problems so she is not making a lot of progress with the packing. They arrived after stopping at the bakery with raspberry biscuits, choc caramel slice and a dozen savouries and I had already planned a huge bake off.

They left with half a caramel slice, 1/4 chocolate cake, 12 mini muffins and 12 chocolate chip biscuits. That should hlep out my girl friend for lunch boxes when she already has a busy week ahead. That and the 5 extra hours she had to get packing today.

We also have a large stash of baking and had some to share with our lovely neighbour who kindly shoos the girls in whenever they escape. It's lovely to be able to share with friends and family and it's a wonderful way to say thank you without spending a lot of money. And I'm yet to meet anybody who doesn't appreciate home baking.

The other good thing we did to share with others this weekend was to carefully uplift about a dozen raspberry shoots that had popped up recently. Approximately 6 of these I will nurture and then plant ourselves and the others we will donate to the lads school fair in November. Better than just pulling them out.

And today we spent absolutely no money so I will get a blue sticker on my calendar. Tomorrow we need milk and petrol so the most I can expect is a gold star but that's all good.

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