Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mummy I am sick too........................

That's how Mr6 started and spent most of his morning before school today. Mr8 has a rotten cold and after a rough night and ending up in my bed at 4am I decided there would be no school for him today. Well Mr6 seemed to think it was only fair that he had a day off too but I planned on getting into work for a bit and wasn't planning on taking both boys with me.

The first and by far the funniest excuse was "Mummy my tummy is all pushed in" hmmm maybe some breakfast will help it poke out again. Then every time Mr8 coughed or spluttered he did his best fake cough in hope that would work. Lol even shed some tears and then complained his eyes were watering. Eventually I spat the dummy at him and said no time off school unless he vomited or had problems at the other end. Next thing he raced to the bathroom making retching noises. Short sharp shift out to the car and to school followed that performance.

Luckily his teacher is a Mum of 3 and has seen every trick in the book and after a quick whisper in her ear all was sorted. Not surprising I had no phone calls from school for him all day.

Managed to work for 3 hours and even employed some slave labour - Mr8 earned himself $2 for his Australia fund and made my day tomorrow a little easier :) Then a nice quiet relaxing afternoon with dvds. Going to aim for an early night tonight just in case it is disrupted again.

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