Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mmmmm a house that smells of baking

Mmmmmmm my house is smelling super yummy today. I have been busy in the kitchen this afternoon while the lads were with their father.

Mr6 has just taken to muesli bars and with 2 lads liking them and the price getting higher and higher while the bars get smaller and smaller it's not cost effective. So I found a recipe online and made them a batch myself. I was rather apprehensive as I worried they wouldn't like them and I would end up putting them in the scraps container and giving to the girls. I need not have worried as they loved them. So I've tossed some into the freezer and left some out for lunches as well.

I also made a chocolate slice and banana bread. The slice is so decadent because I iced it with melted Whittakers chocolate. And I did it the easy way - once it was cooked I chopped up some chocolate and sprinkled it on top before returning it to the oven to melt. Mmmm I must confess there was some serious taste testing going on. Next time I think I'll make traditional icing though - cheaper and maybe not so yummy so I won't "sample" so much.

The banana bread was a last minute thing and will take the place of sandwiches in the lunch boxes for a few days. It's always good to have a bit of variety.

So you can imagine how yummy the house smelt with all that baking going on - pure bliss. And tomorrow when the lads go to school I will know they have the yummiest lunches there - 2 pieces of fruit and all the rest homemade. I can't wait until the fruit trees are in season and then they can have totally homemade lunches.

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