Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's raining cats and dogs

Man the last 24 hours have seen some serious rainfall around this place. It wasn't raining when I went to bed last night but twice I woke up from the lovely noise of rain on the roof. And to give you an idea how hard it was raining I have a tile roof and lots of pink batts in the ceiling so to hear the rain though that it must be pouring.

The backyard resembled the beginnings of a lake this morning so I made an executive decision and went out to feed the chickens by myself meaning only one of us would be soaked to the skin. It seems the girls weren't impressed either - no eggs first thing which is unusual. Four laid by the time we got home however so they have redeemed themselves.

And on top of wet it is cold. That horrid kind of cold where with no sunshine at all in sight the cold creeps into your bones and it takes layers and layers plus the heat pump on high to warm you up. Actually it's the perfect day to read a book and be a slacker in bed all day. Shame it was a work day.

On the money saving front I have been doing the no spend thing again. Monday I got petrol - lol didn't want to spend but it was that or conk out. That's included in the essential spending so technically doesn't count as a spend though. Tuesday and Wednesday have been total no spends but tomorrow I will need to get milk. Again as it's planned with the groceries and an essential in a house with children it's technically not counted. I will get 4 litres though so I won't need any more until next weekends groceries. That should help next weeks no spend days :O)

And I am so very close to my goal of $150k for my mortgage. Payday tomorrow will take me even closer - I'll be less than $50 short of my target which is so close it makes me want to scream. I've always seen this point as my medium term goal since I moved into this house nearly 3 years ago. It symbolizes knocking $45k from my mortgage principal which is awesome. It's time to start thinking of my next medium term financial goal but with my employment uncertain I am unsure of just how much to aim for.

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